Funny Videos

Growing up in the unknown wilds of the great backyard, this beautiful yet rare Red Panda is having a blast playing around with his pumpkin/orange rock. Watch him perform death- defying somersaults and flips…

A story of David and Goliath, but this story is a friendly one! Perhaps 15 times the little one’s size and weight, the Great Dane here is perfectly gentle and wonderfully affectionate! Don’t you wish you could take them home today?

We’ve all seen Shrek, the adorable children’s video about a silly ogre, but what about the cat? This cute cat video sure resembles ‘Puss In Boots’ extremely well! Did you know cats had such large eyes in real life?

It looks like this mop will sure have a great life! A wonderfully clean, well sized house, a yard to play in- this mop seems to have it all! Or- is it a mop? If not, what is the stick for? It looked like we were tricked.

Will these cats ever catch that crafty mouse? Funny; normally cats don’t have that much trouble catching mice! Be sure to watch this funny mouse video to find out what happens to the little creature in the end!

Watch this dog dance; he is truey talented! Even his buddy thinks so, backing away as to avoid Mr. Pippy’s ‘feet of fire’. Just look at the startled expression on his face! Where do you think these two ‘Inus’ are from?

Take a look at the cute hedgehog in this video, attacking predatory bowling pins!Did you know- Hedgehogs have between 5-7000 quills, and muscles along the animal's back can stimulate the quills to respond to threatening situations!

Rabbits are amazing creatures! Rabbits have a pretty strong sense of smell, hearing and vision. They actually have nearly 360° panoramic vision, allowing them to detect dangers from all directions! They can see things behind them, and only have a small blind-spot in front of their nose!

The adorable Red Panda in this cute Panda video is hilarious! Apparently he is really very light as well, able to stand on tiny branches and roll around in the frigid snow. Wait- there is more than one!

You won’t want to miss this absolutely ridiculously funny cat video! Did you know ats harbor such a fear of cucumbers. Why do they react in such wildly amusing ways? Does the cucumber smell terribly bad?

Why not take a load off after a hard week’s work, and enjoy a carrot? This little furry guy certainly is enjoying the best his carrot has to offer! Cute little animals sure seem to love their carrots, don’t you think?

Since the time of their descendants from wolves about 14,000 years ago, and probably even before that, dogs have been amazing problem solvers. Take this cute dog for instance; he just won’t give up until his task is complete!

Have you ever seen a dog grooming job as perfect as this one is? That cute little pup almost looks like an actor in a man made mask, it is done with such perfect care! You’ve never seen a cuter dog than this one!

What do you think the dog in this cute video ever did to anger the cat opposite him so much? Maybe the little kitten just doesn’t like other animals in its’ spot. Don’t worry; the dog doesn’t seem to care when it is swiped at!

You’ve certainly never seen a dog suck on a pacifier like this adorable boxer! Do you think he saw a little baby do it, and took up the habit himself? Or- is it just a big baby in disguise? Watch the cute dog video, and find out for yourself!

A compilation of various different animals doing the cutest things; they most certainly must have been trained well to perform these amazing acts and cool tricks! Can you train your own dog to perform these amazing tricks?

Have you ever seen a dog cry? After 16 years, I certainly haven’t, not in this fashion. The dog here shows very human emotion; most dogs would whimper, perhaps howl. Wouldn’t you say this is the 10 saddest seconds you have ever seen?

Don’t you want to know what is inside the little flower the Hummingbirds are poking their tiny little beaks at? Is it nectar? Is it honey? Is it sugar water? You’ll just have to watch this cute bird video, and guess for yourself!

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